Hen's & More

We have hens, goats and much more! Availability is always changing so check here, our Facebook page or call before you drive out to make sure we have what you're looking for!



We have small chicks, big chicks, laying hens, and guineas

Laying Hens

15 Month Old (400+) Production Red $15.00
3-5 Month Old Chickens $10-$15
Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, Black Sex Links, White Leghorns, Brown Leghorns (10), Welsummers (20), Barnevelders, Rhode Island Reds (over 100), Sagittas (10)


(20) White Leghorns (Straight Run) $3.00
(10) Gold Nuggets (female only) 5-3-16 $6.00
(50) Barred Rock (female only) $5.00
(50) Buff Orpingtons (female only) $5.00
(100) Ameracaunas (female only) $5.00
(40) Guineas (straight run) $8.50


Powell Feed is taking orders on SAGITTA HENS.

We are finally able to get them again. They are 14 weeks old. (Picture represents older hens) PREPAID ORDERS will be $12.00. Buying them here at the store will be $15.00. Monday the 10th will be the last day to preorder them. These are my favorite hens. They lay really big eggs and lay about 200-250 eggs a year.